FC Automotive Electrical Wiring Co., Ltd was established in March 2011, is an enterprise specializing in manufacturing, processing and assembling wire assemblies and  auxiliary products for automobile and motorbike manufacturing industry and equipment electronics, other industrial electricity.

With modern equipment, quality management system according to ISO 9001-2015, along with a professional production management team, a skilled technical team, Automotive Wiring System Co., Ltd. FC brings high quality products, guaranteed delivery schedule, reasonable price to meet different requirements and needs of customers.

With the motto “TAM THE is the foundation for operation, continuous IMPROVEMENT to survive and develop”, FC Automobile Motorcycle Electrical Wiring System Co., Ltd. has always made efforts in both human and material resources, construction Build brand reputation and trust with customers with the products we provide.

The trust and support of customers is a great source of encouragement on the development path of FC Automobile Motorcycle Wiring System Co., Ltd.


To become a large-scale wiring manufacturer and supply products for automobiles, other industrial and household electrical appliances.


  • Constantly developing to increase added value for all employees and businesses.
  • Creating the best products at the most reasonable prices for customers around the world.
  • Building, perfecting to become a company that society wants to exist.


  • Respect people for development


  • TAM THE is the foundation for operations
  • CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT to survive and grow


We are committed to: Producing electrical wiring systems for cars, motorbikes, industrial and household equipment of the highest quality, reasonable prices, meeting required schedules. Continuously improve to create satisfactory products and services to meet the increasing requirements of customers with the following specific commitments:

  • Maintain and continuously improve the ISO 9001:2015 quality management system, building TAM THE as the core foundation in creating high quality products and services to satisfy customer requirements. client.
  • Respect people, focus on human resource training, improve the working environment, promote solidarity, and gradually increase added value for workers and businesses.
  • Continuous innovation and creativity, bringing the results of innovation and creativity to increase income for workers and businesses, bringing products with the best quality and most competitive prices to all customers. row.